28 Day Shuffle

28 Day Shuffle By Residential or Long Term Stay Hotels

California law establishes various consumer protections and tenant rights to persons who rent a dwelling unit including tenants, lessees, boarders, and lodgers. However, certain provisions exclude from these protections those tenants who have only “transient occupancy,” which can be defined to mean 30 days or less of occupancy.

The Law Offices of Gerald S. Ohn, APC is investing allegations that certain residential or long term stay hotels or motels in California may be preventing guests from occupying a room for more than 30 days to try to exclude them from certain protections and rights. Significantly, to prohibit a tactic known as the “28 Day Shuffle,” California law generally provides that no person may require an occupant of a residential hotel to move, or to check out and reregister, before the expiration of 30 days occupancy if a purpose is to have that occupant maintain transient occupancy status.

If you were required by a residential hotel/motel or a long term stay hotel/motel in California to move or check out before 30 days had passed, you may contact the Law Offices of Gerald S. Ohn, APC to report your experience. There is no charge for review of your complaint.