Civil Rights

The Law Offices of Gerald S. Ohn, APC represents plaintiffs and defendants in civil rights litigation. With experience prosecuting and defending a broad range of civil litigation on behalf of individuals, businesses, corporations and government entities, we offer the knowledge of a large firm with the personal attention and efficiency of a small firm. Moreover, we believe our experience prosecuting civil rights litigation, makes us better at defending it and vice versa because the Law Offices of Gerald S. Ohn, APC has insight into the mindset and litigation leverage points of corporate and government entity defendants and individual plaintiffs in the context of civil rights litigation.

If you are an individual, consumer or employee whose civil rights have been violated due to, among other things, employment discrimination, housing discrimination, sexual harassment, invasion of privacy, or other discrimination on the basis of disability, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, religion, race, nationality or ethnicity, the Law Offices of Gerald S. Ohn, APC will be dedicated to aggressively and effectively prosecuting your claims. Moreover, the Law Offices of Gerald S. Ohn, APC is keenly aware of the stress and strains of litigation on parties, and so we strive to provide a high level of personal attention so you are properly informed throughout our representation.

If you are an individual, business, corporation or government entity that has been sued, the Law Offices of Gerald S. Ohn, APC will be committed to aggressively defending your interests in a cost efficient manner. As a small firm, we can work closely with you to identify how the litigation fits in the overall scheme of your organization so we can develop an effective strategy and litigation plan that takes into account both your legal and organizational interests.

Recent Results

When a union member's medical records were mailed, during a union election campaign, to thousands of his coworkers by a union employee in violation of his civil rights, including under the Americans With Disabilities Act, he turned to the Law Offices of Gerald S. Ohn to seek justice on his behalf. Utilizing cutting edge, aggressive and efficient litigation strategies for the union member plaintiff, the Law Offices of Gerald S. Ohn defeated the union employee defendant's Anti-SLAPP motion after obtaining leave of Court to take her deposition, obtain documents and subpoena third party records; exhausted the union member's administrative remedies on his claims against the defendant union entities; and ultimately obtained a tremendous settlement at a very early stage of litigation for the union member plaintiff that included a substantial monetary recovery and injunctive relief. Trials Digest called this a "notable" settlement and featured it on the cover of the June 25, 2012 issue. This settlement was also featured in the June 22, 2012 issue of the Daily Journal.

When a wheelchair bound individual applied in person to rent an apartment in Los Angeles, the apartment manager repeatedly informed him that he did not meet the financial requirements to be able to rent an apartment there. Then, after the disabled individual would submit documentation indicating that he met the qualifications reflected in the rental application and the apartment's written policies, the apartment manager would change the qualifications or add new requirements in a blatant effort to prevent the handicapped individual from renting an apartment. The disabled plaintiff came to the Law Offices of Gerald S. Ohn to fight for his rights. The Law Offices of Gerald S. Ohn filed a housing discrimination lawsuit for violation of the federal Fair Housing Act, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, the Unruh Civil Rights Act, and the Disabled Persons Act. Shortly thereafter, the Law Offices of Gerald S. Ohn obtained a highly favorable settlement on behalf of the handicapped plaintiff that included a monetary recovery and an agreement that the property owner and apartment management company defendants would change their policies and procedures and provide training to their employees regarding applicable housing discrimination and disability rights laws.