Mass Torts

A mass tort is a civil action generally involving numerous plaintiffs against one or a few corporate defendants in state or federal court. In this regard, mass torts litigation involves a large number or group of tort claims with a common cause that has injured many victims. Examples include environmental contamination at a single site or property; a defective product that injures many people; and single-accident disasters. In each instance, mass tort litigation is complex.

Mr. Ohn is a lawyer with substantial experience in the prosecution and defense of complex litigation, including in the area of mass torts.

If you and other men, women or children have been injured from the same cause, the Law Offices of Gerald S. Ohn will be driven to aggressively pursue your mass or group tort claims. Furthermore, we are keenly aware of the stress and strains of litigation on parties, and so we take pride in providing personal attention so you are properly informed throughout our representation.

If you are a corporate or government entity defendant in a mass tort action, we will be committed to zealously protect your interests. In this regard, the Law Offices of Gerald S. Ohn, APC will work with you to develop a litigation strategy that takes your legal and corporate organizational needs into account.

We also welcome co-counsel relationships in connection with mass tort litigation.


The Law Offices of Gerald S. Ohn is prosecuting a lawsuit seeking justice on behalf of 52 women, children and men subjected to allegedly uninhabitable conditions at an apartment complex in Los Angeles County.